AIDS Foundation East West Ukraine (AWEF Ukraine)

We created a great job for our client AFEW-Ukraine – informational and promotional web site. Website consist main information about Organization, Projects, Resource Center, Library, etc.
Also, for this Client we develop a system of visual identity (brand book).
Within this project we also developed the survey system that allows to monitor the quality of knowledge among the various segments of the population. Also, we launch visual statistic of surveys, based on Google Charts API.

Brand book

Information about Client: International Charitable Foundation AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW-Ukraine) is a non-governmental humanitarian public health organisation that has been registered in Ukraine since January 2001, but has a mandate to work internationally. Our projects have been based in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia.Aladdin movie streaming

AFEW in Ukraine is a part of the International Network of independent organizations, based in 5 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, that allows us to share experts and best practices within the network of AFEW organizations in the Netherlands, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

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